KARIYUSHI | 日本微生物生態学会 第32回大会



Dear the participants of 32nd Japanese Society for Microbial Ecology and 10th Asian Symposium on Medical Ecology,

To celebrate having 32nd JSME and 10th ASME conferences in Okinawa, we are selling the limited edition of embroiled Kariyushi shirts.

What is “Kariyushi” shirt?

Kari means lucky and Yushi means come near in Okinawan (Ryukyu) dialect. It was named in a wish that wearing it will bring you a fortune. Kariyushi shirt is a similar to Hawaiian shirt. They have Okinawa’s original prints and are sewn in Okinawa. People in Okinawa wear Kariyushi shirt as formal business wear or as casual wear, so it can be worn at this conference or at social events.

Please refer to the attached file for the design and more details.

If you would like to purchase, please contact us with your information (name, affiliation, and contact detail) as well as the color, the size and how many shirts you would like to purchase by April 30th. The order confirmation will be sent after confirming with the vender. Payment can only be made at on-site registration desk (only cash payment (JPY) is acceptable). Please note that numbers of shirts are limited so we may have to ask for a cancellation or color/ size change. (*Men’s dark red and navy shirts are on low stock.)

Contact details: jsme2018@gmail.com (32nd JSME congress secretariat)
Kariyushi-wear for MEN’S Kariyushi-wear for LADY’S