GREETINGS FROM CHAIRMAN | 日本微生物生態学会 第32回大会



Dear ASME members

We would like to cordially invite all of you to the 10th Asian Symposium on Microbial Ecology that will be held in the Okinawa Convention Center, Ginowan-city, Okinawa, Japan on July 11-13, 2018. It will take place together with the 32nd Japanese Society for Microbial Ecology (JSME) annual meeting. The venue is located one hour from the Naha (Okinawa) International airport by public transportations.

The ASME will have the 10th anniversary and we would like to take this special opportunity to organize exciting sessions by JKT members with our neighboring country researchers and students. Microbial ecology is now strongly driven by meta-omics. However, not only those state-of-the-art technology-based research but field-based, cultivation-based, and interdisciplinary studies are very important to make our societies move forward to greatly contribute to scientific societies and industries. We would welcome all type of studies connecting microbiology, bioengineering, agriculture and ecology together.

We will be organizing three ASME sessions (July 11 afternoon, July 12 morning and afternoon). On July 13, we will have the JSME and Microbes and Environments paper award lectures and invited sessions, and finally have a get-together that evening. The ASME sessions will be organized mainly by ASME ambassadors and by the JSME office members. Your input to them would be highly appreciated (the earlier the better).

The venue is just right beside the cobalt-blue ocean and a resort hotel. We expect the weather will be pretty fine with a clear sky and dazzling sunlight. We will have a BBQ party on July 11 evening at the beach, and will try to arrange a sunset cruising on July 12 (the number of people may be limited though). On July 13, you may either attend the JSME sessions or have enjoyable time swimming at the beach, visiting a world famous aquarium or taking a walk in villages with Japanese southern island’s tropical atmosphere and traditions (but remember that we will have a banquet so please get back to the venue by then). We strongly recommend that you will arrive in Okinawa on July 10 at the latest, and depart from there on July 14 at the earliest. For details, please visit our annual meeting website (

We are looking forward to seeing all of you in Okinawa.

委員長 新里尚也写真 Sincerely yours,
Yoichi Kamagata
President, Japanese Society for Microbial Ecology